Preliminary Programme 04

The two Captains emerging from the Captain's Quiz were Sahan Fernando & Uthpala Perera. Sahan went on to pick Dinakshie, Anushka, Lehan & Pravin to be in his team. Uthpala picked a team consisting of Nishal, Iranga, Radhika & Fahmy. Both teams got one out of the 3 puzzles in the Team Challenge correct, therefore leading to a tie. Timing was taken into consideration and the tie was broken by Uthpala's team who had finished the team challenge faster than Sahan and team. A secret ballot was held within the losing team and all due to the highest number of votes, Dinakshie was chosen to be in the Top 6 to battle it down in the Weekly Showdown. From the Weekly Showdown, Radhika & Fahmy were the two lucky contestants through to the Final 10, having answered the most number of questions right. Congratulations Radhika & Fahmy-you are one step closer to being the next-PATHBREAKER.

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