Aspirations Education (Pvt) Ltd.

Aspirations Education (AE) is a comprehensive career guidance organization, which facilitate students of different age groups and financial standings to identify study options in the different fields, in many parts of the world. AE represents many Universities and Institutions of high repute in countries like Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and China.

Aspirations Youth Club

The Aspirations Youth Club is a sponsored initiative by Aspirations Education to reach out to youth between the ages of 17 and 30. The Club was launched with the vision of encouraging and empowering the young adults of Sri Lanka to bring out their talents and potential and to realize their aspirations through education. The Aspirations Youth Club aims at being an efficient and dynamic youth network that serves society through implementing vital and important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects.

Pathbreakers; Sri Lanka’s First Ever Corporate Reality Television Game Show

Pathbreakers; Sri Lanka’s first ever Corporate Reality Television Game Show is a pioneering effort of Aspirations Education (Pvt) Ltd and Vanguard Management Services (Pvt) Ltd / ETV. The objective of this innovative television concept is to identify and reward talented, intelligent and enterprising Sri Lankan students and to develop top level corporate thinkers amongst the younger generation. Pathbreakers also hopes to reach out to a broad audience, promising them insightful and stimulating content on the workings of the corporate world.

The participants will simulate the role of “Consultants” to an organization’s Board of Directors. They are expected to present their analysis on a case study submitted to them, to the Board of Directors of the organization, proposing the best course of action. After deliberation with the other Board Members the Chairman of the Board will issue the verdict at the end of each respective round, upon completion of the presentations by the two teams. All participants are students at the undergraduate level pursuing higher studies towards business careers.

At the preliminary round all 8 teams will be competing, and based on the presentations the Board will select four teams and they will qualify to move to the next round. At the Semi Finals the Board will select two teams from each group to move to the finale. The Finale will be conducted in the same format as the Semi-finals.

The contestants will be taken to Light House Hotel Galle where they will be assigned case studies. The teams are expected to analyse the case studies and present a comprehensive solution through application of theoretical and practical knowledge within the allocated time period. Then groups will make their presentation to the Board on the designated day.

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