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Inthikab Zufer from ABS

This was a real "cool" experience which my self & my team had participated.. we started it with the briefing session at Cinnamon Grand...& after that our schedules were given for the real event which took place in Galle, lighthouse hotel..4m the beginning to the end it was an awesome experience. the hike here was....u never can do anything secretly but from one corner or another you would see a cameraman....having this huge camera capturing all what your doing...( That doesn’t mean that we did anything bad...ok)

once nice things which happened to us is while doing the case study…. my self & my colleague Mushin...examined a whole lot of switches which were there in our room & as we put on one switch....oooops the trip-switch went off....& we didn’t have power like for about 20mins & we informed the people in the hotel...& they apologized as if it was their mistake not knowing that it was we two who were the culprits...& the funniest part is one a guy came inside the room with a big ladder o fix the problem....coz we never thought putting up a switch like that will make such a big issue..

Solving the problem was yet interesting when everyone had different approaches in what to do…..then we had to priorities them & then cam down to conclusion....Anyway too bad our group didn’t have any it was less motivating for us.

Though we lost the was sure a memorable one though initially I thought no one will watch the program...but later with all good comments...& the trailers done…..Therefore loosing it was not at all an issue, We were really happy to being a part of a cool reality show like this coz we did gain quite a lot of knowledge too

Thanks to you ETV vanguard & Aspirations - we in Sri Lanka need more creative people like you

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