What is Pathbreakers?

PATHBREAKERS | Reality TV Series

Pathbreakers is a Reality Television Show where contestants are expected to present their analysis on a case study submitted to them, to the Board of Directors of the organization, proposing the best course of action. The contestants will be given a specific time for the task.

The participants will simulate the role of “Consultants” to an organization’s Board of Directors. The participation is open to students who are currently pursuing business studies at a recognized institute.

Prior to every round each team of participants will be given a case study on a management issue of a real business. Based on this case study each team will propose the best solution to the issue at hand, effectively justifying their proposition with the use of insights, data provided in the case

The objective of the innovative television concept behind Pathbreakers is to identify and reward talented, intelligent and enterprising Sri Lankan students and to develop top level corporate thinkers amongst the younger generation. Pathbreakers also hopes to reach out to a broad audience, promising them insightful and stimulating content on the workings of the corporate world.

1. How the show works

1.1. Eligibility - Students pursuing their higher education in fields of Business Management, Accountancy and Marketing at various Education Institutes in Sri Lanka are eligible
        to participate in the Reality Show.

1.2. The students must represent their Education Institute at the Reality Show.

1.3. The contest will be carried out in 3 stages:

      · Preliminary Round
      · Semi Finals
      · Finale

1.4. The Preliminary Round will include 8 teams with 3 participants in each team.

1.5. Four alphabetically designated Groups will be formed with two teams in each group. e.g. Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. The allocation of teams will be done
       through a draw conducted at the Brief.

1.6. Each group, consisting of two competing teams, will be given one case-study. The case studies will be assigned randomly. with the allocation of teams as explained in
       Article 1.5. The teams are expected to analyse the case studies and present a comprehensive solution through application of
       theoretical and practical knowledge. All  necessary facts and data will be provided in the case.

1.7. Each team has 7 hours to prepare the presentation to the Board with their insights and recommendations.

1.8. The teams will have the luxury of spending their preparation period in a top-range hotel in the country.

1.9. The Board comprises of three prominent Corporate personalities of the country.

1.10. Based on the presentations the Board will select one team out of each group, as the best and they will qualify to move to the next round. The Board’s verdict will be on
         majority consensus.

1.11. Teams will have 7hrs to prepare as in the Preliminary Round. The case-studies for the semi-final round will be pre-assigned to ensure random delivery.

1.12. The groups will make their presentation to the Board on the designated day. The Board will select one team from each group to move to the finale.

1.13. The Finale will be conducted in the same format as the Semi-finals.

1.14. After deliberation with the other Board Members the Chairman of the Board will issue the verdict at the end of each respective round, upon completion of the
         presentations by the two teams.

1.15. The verdict of the Board in each competitive round is taken as final and unalterable.


2. Team Selection

2.1. Each team will be requested to submit their own team identity in the form of a team name e.g. The Spurs, The Magnates etc. The Programme Producers reserve the right
       to accept the submissions.

2.2. All participants need to sign Talent Release Documentation that legally binds them to appear on the show and validates consent for use of footage in the production.

2.3. All teams need to sign and endorse an indemnification document along with it.

3. The Brief

3.1. All participating teams will convene at a specified location for The Brief.

3.2. All rules and regulations governing the competition will be explained in detail at the brief.

3.3. The draw to allocate groups and cases for the preliminary round will be carried out at the brief.

3.4. The Brief will include short coaching sessions on guidelines for effective presentations for all participants. This is a mandatory process aimed at keeping team
       presentations sharp and effective.

4. Presentations

4.1. All presentations have to be done using Microsoft Powerpoint.

4.2. Each team will get a maximum of 15 minutes to present their case.

4.3. It is mandatory that all 3 members of the team attend the presentation. A team member can only speak a maximum of 7 minutes. More than one member has to be involved
       in presenting the submission.

4.4. In the event a team member cannot appear at the presentation the reserve candidate will take his or her place

4.5. The Board will cross-examine the teams based on the presentation for further clarifications when it is deemed necessary.

4.6. The Teams will make their presentations one at a time. Only the presenting team will appear in front of the Board at a given time.

4.7. It is mandatory that the teams leave the studio premises while the Board deliberates on the final verdict.

5. Case-Studies & Preparation

5.1. All case studies are sourced from a leading international business journal..

5.2. The teams will receive Case Studies once they have rallied at the Hotel where they will spend the 7hrs in preparation.

5.3. The Hotel will host the contestants overnight while they prepare their presentations. None of the contestants will be allowed to leave the Hotel premises within this

5.4. The teams are required to e-mail their final presentations to given e-mail address at the end of the stipulated time of 7hrs from receiving the case. They will NOT be
       permitted to alter content in the presentations once the 7hrs are up. However they are free to practice the delivery effectively based on the content that has been

5.5. All material received by the teams pertaining to the case-study needs to be handed back at the end of the stipulated time. Teams are not allowed to withhold any part of
       the case-study for reference at a later time. Alteration of the material or copying is strictly prohibited.

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